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julio 10, 2008

Kentucky equine sport medicine & rehabilitation center (KESMARC)

Que el KESMARC se encuentra al tope de los centros de training y rehabilitación del equino atleta, es una verdad indiscutible, por eso adquiere relevancia su opinión respecto al training con sobrecarga en caminador con senda de agua.


The Aquatred may be the most perfect type of conditioning and rehabilitation for the equine athlete. It enhances and maintains conditioning in a full-body exercise, giving the horse a perfect balance of strength. The 40-60% buoyancy is the key to giving range of motion back to an injured athlete, as well as increasing length of stride of an older athlete, bringing it back to its original state.

The resistance of the water and the lack of concussion enable horses to work themselves fully and with no pain, using the same muscle groups as on land. The Aquatred is not as cardiovascular a workout as swimming, but is perfect for any performance related athlete.

Benefits of the Aquatred:

Decreases track-related injuries during the conditioning of your horse, helps the reconditioning of veteran athletes, or the freshening of animals long in training.

Safe alternative to hand-walking in pose-surgical care, offering less chance of re-injury, better healing, and speedier return to normal activity.

Track sour horses are mentally revitalized by the new activity, while conditioning is maintained and improved.

Lengthens stride while developing the same muscles used in normal ground work and on the race track

Helps bleeders heal while maintaining condition.

Great when combined with swimming for a more complete conditioning program.

When low impact is what is required, this is the perfect exercise.

This exercise facility is the most underutilized piece of equipment in the equine industry!

Como la modestia no implica ocultar logros permítasenos insertar en este post nuestro propio aqua-tred/pileta de natación.

Logro y orgullo de Haras Ambato que en infraestructura se pone a la altura del con razón famoso mundialmente KESMARC.


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